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Beautiful & Robust

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.



Boost establishes your business online with a website that is easily discoverable by customers searching for your products and services. It’s not a listing. It’s your online identity.


Since this is your own website, all leads that are generated are your alone. Unlike listing sites which share your leads, you will find all inquiries and calls in the Boost app.


With the Boost management app or the Boost web Portal, you can update or modify your website instantly. whenever you like, the Best part? All content automatically SEO’ed.

No Need To Hire Developers For Coding

You Realising that having website is Crucial ? Just Download the Boost App and in 13 Min Your Website is up and Running.

What it is ?

NowFloats is a company who’s purpose is to make small businesses bigger.

The internet has been around for more than 20 years. But not every business is online. That’s because you need some amount of tech savvy to built a site. And small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to do it. We make it easy to create a website. It takes just 15 mins using our NowFloats Boost app. And updating it is as easy as posting an update on Facebook. Because it’s easy, business owners do it frequently, which makes the content fresh. This freshness makes the site rank higher on relevant searches on Google.

Is Your Small Business Ready for big league ?

Do You Want to Increase Your Sale  ?

Do you want to reach customers around Online store?

Can your customers find your business online?


Simple And Instantaneous through APP in 13 Minutes.

Create, Manage and update your business website anytime, From Anywhere

Features and Functionalities


We Helps You To Boost Your Business Online.

Simple and Instantaneous – Through and through

Create, manage and update your business website anytime, from anywhere.

Makes your updates search engine friendly.

You write for your customers. We’ll take care of the machines

Better for local search, that’s where the money is.

The potential consumers around you are far more than you think.

Beautiful and powerful. On the desktop or mobile.

Providing a seamless experience on the regular website and on the mobile site.

Product gallery, showcasing your best wares.

Even your best-selling products can be SEO’ed better to be sold more.

Share your website socially. Let your users share too.

Social. It’s no longer a good-to-have. It’s a must-have.

Removing dependency on developers and designers.

Every time you want to update your website, don’t call anyone.

Always know how your website is doing.

Numbers and facts that let you craft better messages to get more customers.

Free Updates & Support

Through Online Remote Support, Telephonic support, Email Support, Chat Support, Onsite Support etc..

Know more about how your smartphone can make all that happen. Free, fast, hassle-free and without any heavy technology investment.


"NowFloats hopes to make the process of website creating and updating so simple and accessible that all small businesses would be able to have a Web presence. A Web presence is the first step that a business needs to take before it sets up an eCommerce store or sees any of the other advantages like broader customer base, broader, cheaper advertising reach and higher revenue that web-enabled businesses typically enjoy.


"NowFloats is an ambitious startup coming out of India — with offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi — that wants to help SMEs across the globe get an online presence in the form of simple-automated websites. It’s created an easy-to-use platform that wants every kind of SME, from your local grocer to the barber, to get a stand-alone website with an advantage. Furthermore, the smartphone app, NowFloats Boost (Android and iOS), allows for higher engagement and more control. Specifically, media can be uploaded, analytics can be monitored, business information can be updated, and so forth.


"The company even takes care of localization SEO so when nearby customers are looking for your type of business, it appears in Google results. Plus, the service helps with social network integration. In addition to SMS support, there are Android and iOS apps that support image uploading.