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We will be establishing your individual brand over online and get you help in more revenue and profitable bookings through your own website.

Is your hotel website showing up on Google searches?

Well, NowFloats is a one stop solution in making a dynamic digital presence for your hotel. Your NowFloats website, when used regularly and relevantly will give your business an effective online presence.With a choice of hundreds of hotels near yours, ensure your customers always reach you!

With NowFloats you will get a business website that finds you customers. Well, actually it makes itself more ‘discoverable’ every time you update content to it. This could be updates, offers, hotel photo gallery, etc. The best part is that it takes care of search engine optimization automatically ensuring you better results as you update your website, regularly and relevantly. In a nutshell, when used right, NowFloats’ technology helps you to find more customers.

You can also go to manage.nowfloats.com to log in, manage and update your NowFloats site.

You can see Analytic Dashboard.

Our existing client’s website  www.deccanserai.com

We also provide you Website Booking Engine, where your customer can book online and check in to your hotel. We will provide you the backend of Booking Engine where you can update Inventories & Rates on daily basis.

  1. Quick website creation with multiple webpages for Desktop/Mobile at one go and link it to your main website.
  2. Automated Keyword Extraction.
  3. Unlimited Keywords tagging.
  4. Auto-optimized for local discovery, with our patented Location based SEO functionality, each keyword is attached with the business lat-long. Providing a local discovery for your business. Location based SEO service gives customer an opportunity to develop high ranking, but it also provides the customer with a location based platform which gives the customer relevant exposure in the area. 
  5. Organic SEO provides long term advantages than Inorganic SEO that is timeline based.
  6. Automated Content Suggestion – RIA- Relationship Intelligence Agent acts as automated real-time assistant to help increase you organic SEO and provide suggestions on the content created and your website.
  7. Management portal on desktop and also on mobile via BOOST APP, available on Android and iOS
  8. Dynamic Website
  9. Social network integration with Facebook and Twitter – with a two way sync functionality.
  10. Ease of expansion to multiple locations.
# Website with SEO.
# Custom Designs.
# Complete Access Manage Websites.
# Analytics.
# Call Tracker.
# ROI.
>> Room inventory Management.
>> Rate Management.
>> Payment Gateway.
>> Offers Upload.
>> Dashboards.
>> Multiple Payment Options.
>> Detailed Reports on Reservation.
>> Instant Confirmation.
# Multiple pages and Custom Updates.
# Mobile Friendly.


# Quality Content and Photograph.
# Amenities and Inclusions.
# Guest Quality reviews.
# Dynamic rates and Inventory Updates.
# Competitive Rates and Offers.
# Actively use Analytical and Dashboard Reports.
# OFFLINE Promotions.
# ONLINE Promotions.

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